Off-Topic: “Plans Unfolding” Paper Organizer Software

organizersidessmallIn a clear breach of this blog’s charter, I’d like to announce the release of free software I developed for creating convenient, pocket-sized paper organizers. Using LaTeX as a typesetting engine, a high quality PDF file is generated of 16 mini-pages, which is then printed on both sides of a sheet of letter or A4 paper and folded to create a small booklet that can fit in your pocket. The Windows interface directly supports several types of standard pages (List, Text, Calendars, Contacts, etc.) and maintains all user data between sessions. It also provides page types not seen in conventional organizers, such as a Vigenere Cipher page for on-the-go encrypted text and an Astronomy page with a calculated planisphere of current star/planet/moon locations along with other astronomical data. Beyond this, custom user-designed pages can be easily written in LaTeX script and shared in the Plans Unfolding forum and galleries. For more information, please visit the Plans Unfolding home page here. Now back to the subject at hand—thanks for your indulgence.

3 thoughts on “Off-Topic: “Plans Unfolding” Paper Organizer Software

  1. glen July 26, 2008 / 3:26 am

    letter paper :

    I don’t have any of that…

    Hi Glen. Yup, I know what you mean, another mismatch of standards that gets more and more problematic as time goes on. On my end I don’t have any A4 paper although my printer will print on it if I had it. And even worse for you, the Planisphere sky map only works in the Northern Hemisphere, and the moon phase picture wouldn’t be right side up for you either. Sorry about all that. It is possible to scale the letter paper output to A4 paper size (keeping the same aspect ratio) and cutting off the excess at the top and bottom if you want.— Ron
    UPDATE October 12, 2008: A version of Plans Unfolding for A4 paper has been released. The announcement with links, etc., can be found on the forum here. — Ron


  2. Grace in VT August 26, 2008 / 3:58 am

    Hi, I just came across your plans unfolding software. I want to thank you for creating this. I am quite ill and we have a daughter with ADD, both of us need help in planning. I am about to set it up for the first time for our use.. and wondered if you ever do a chart for listing medications or some sort of table to choose from? The worst issue for her is time management, in juggling 5 jobs.
    Thank you for your wisdom and kindness in sharing plans unfolding. I will be playing around with it to help our life. I also had a mathematical question… about Fractals.
    I do not understand them but I want to feature the way fractals look in my art.
    How can I determine a fractal, is it just random or can i make up my own?
    Like could i measure something and have it just repeat.
    And how can i create the fractal number into an image for art?
    I am much older now ( 50’s) and so the brain is tired…. but when I was graduating and entering college I beat out all the men in a math exam (when I was considering air force). I ended up not going into the service…but that has always intrigued me that math for me was stronger than my verbal skills… and the air force team that tested us wanted me badly for engineering because I did do so well, even as a woman!!.
    Anyway. I just had to thank you for all your talents in creating plans unfolding and your site.
    I will spend a while trying to make templates to suit us. My husband will be thrilled!
    I am going to pass your site to my pastor who has a doctorate and went to school for chemistry and theology. He always carries around tiny pieces of paper to jot on. He will love it.
    God bless you for your kindness,
    thank you,
    Grace in VT
    Thank you for your comments, Grace. It’s nice to hear from people who have such interests. I’d be happy to help create tables that could serve as some sort of schedule for medications if you have the information you’d like to put into the table. I’ll send an email directly to you about this and we can plan out the types of tables you would like. It does take some time to learn how to make page templates, and I think I could create them very quickly for you.

    As for fractals, I’m afraid I’m not knowledgeable at all about them. I do know that they are based on specific formulas or algorithms that are repeated over and over using the result of the previous iteration (called recursion), sometimes using complex numbers in the calculations and their plots in the complex plane as the images. There was a nice introduction at the website “Fractal Explorer” that was linked in a general listing of fractal references on a site called DMOZ; this webpage describes what happened to that site as well as its interesting history: But fractals is something I’ve never studied myself. — Ron


  3. Steve May 5, 2015 / 1:17 pm

    I have just discovered your very interesting website. I could really use your “Plans Unfolding” tool. Could you repost it somewhere?
    ) >>
    Hi Steve. I had forgotten that I let the Plans Unfolding domain lapse. It was just a redirect to the actual webpage, and you can go directly to that page. — Ron


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